Nepali Date Converter Online Tool Free: English To Nepali And Nepali To English

Nepali Date Converter is an online resource for converting Nepali Date(Bikram Sambat) to English date(Gregorian date, AD). In Nepali Language it is also known as Miti Pariwartan. Nepali to English Date Converter is a very useful resource in our everyday lives.

If you want to change BS to AD and AD to BS, then this conversion of the Nepali date will help. You don’t have to install any Device or Software. It operates by way of Accuracy, Quicker, Stronger & Smarter.

Nepali to English Date Converter gives you the most accurate date conversion possible. Simple day-to-day preparation for you. You may convert the dates to Bikram Sambat from Nepali Bikram to Anno Domini and Anno Domini. Nepali Date changes to the Nepali Calendar daily.

Nepali Date Converter Online Tool

Date Converter
Date Converter

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You can look up the dates and schedules of any upcoming Nepali vacations. You can translate Nepali Date into English and vice versa with the aid of the device Nepali Date Converter. The dates of the two can be matched according to your ease. However, if you are not happy with the digital edition you can even print out a copy of the date.

Nepal has always managed to keep the Bikram Sambat calendar as a respectable Nepal calendar even after the excessive influence of Western world and technology focused on Western foreign locations. Citizens in Nepal follow the Bikram Sambat calendar for day-to-day use and hold the holidays, events and national days fluent.

Citizens use solar calendar Bikram Sambat to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Whereas on the Bikram Sambat calendar lunar calendar, birthdates of Hindu gods, fairs, and dying ceremonies are observed.

Importance of date converter

Because of the date systems most of the time you face question. There are so many dates around the world which have been used in the local area. Because of this you can face issue.

For example, if you are going to fill out the Green Card Visa Lottery (E-DV Visa) form (Application) you would need to know the international date format also known as AD. You need the English date for the university’s foreign entry, in passports, visas or for Work. We use the BS in the sense of Nepal. What Bikram Sambat stands for.

The date Bikram Sambat is used only within the region. Although applying EDV also doesn’t work the date you need the English date. When you are wondering what you should do to get the date in English. Be cool, and log on to with its powerful Nepali Date Converter will provide you with the best solution. Your birthdates can be translated to English and vice versa.

What and the uses of Nepali Date Converter?

The Online Nepali Date Converter doesn’t only help Nepalese. Date Converter is also an benefit for non-Nepalese living abroad. Online date is used to convert date such as date of birth and historical date of Nepal. This also helps in translating the passport-visa year and date into documents. So you can now use our tool if you want to convert date to Nepali Calendar!

Bikram sambat calender

First, the calendar of Bikram Sambat is part of our historical culture so it needs to be preserved. B.S is both a lunar and solar calendar that is useful for recognizing the dates of Nepal ‘s spiritual fairs and national days. By using a lunisolar calendar scheme, the non-secular side of Nepalese citizens is closely raised, and the sun cycle up rises the religious side of the Nepalese nation.

Almost all of the non-secular fairs are celebrated on the lunar cycle of the Bikram Sambat calendar except a few mainly based Sankranti and Solar Calendar fairs. A single lunar calendar day may not be the same as Bikram Sambat ‘s equivalent solar-day hours. A day is called Tithi in the lunar calendar. Tithi’s are used to decide the occasions on which sun day will occur each year.

Gregorian calendar

Different cultures use various forms of calendars according to their culture and custom. Nepal needs to recognize the times and activities that the world is celebrating for international assistance and globalisation. Being part of global occasions, for aid, sharing our lifestyles, for verbal communication, and so on, is very important.

As the sector is a small internet village now. There has been a growing need to keep track of opportunities and functions across the industry. There needs to be a specific calendar around the world for this. And the use of the Gregorian calendar effectively and well performs that function.

How to use English Nepali Date Converter Tool

1. Using ImNepal Devices, you can use date converter driven device:-

Why do we use Hamro Patro Date Converter tool?

  • Choose the date form in all AD or BS.
  • Insert date in the format “YYYY-mm-dd”
  • To get the conversion result from both ads to bs or from bs to ads, press Convert.

You may change the language, as per Hamro Patro ‘s language service.

2. The online date converter can also be used:-

Date Converter is a method for converting Nepali to English date and vice versa. This tool is the most useful, and can be used without any problem by anyone.

This online Date Conversion tool is useful to convert dates such as start date, ancient Nepali dates, passport-visa dates, record translation dates etc. Using this method to convert the Bikram Sambat date to anno domini and vice versa with ease, respectively. The Online Date Converter can only be found in English.

3. On android/iPhone you can use the Nepali Patro app: –

Nepali Patro is a conventional lunar calendar, Gregorian calendar, Bikram Sambat calendar, available online. It helps clients to hold songs of widespread dates, events and gala in our very own native language of Nepal. Nepali dates, events besides festivals which can be remembered and the use of this system encouraged.

Thus, we imagine this usefulness not only as a calendar but as an interactive tool in which consumers can contribute to the Nepalese community by providing information about Nepalese events on the side of major Nepalese fairs or by organizing and selling events. Each android / iPhone gadget is available further. You may either use the language Nepali or English within this document.

4. Nepali date converter:

Nepali date converter with Tithi is some sort of website-operating program. This web application will convert any date in Nepal (Bikram Sambat) to the date in English (A.D.) and vice versa. This includes a date converter between the calendars Bikram Sambat (B.S) and Gregorian (anno domini).

Cutting-edge dates conversion model for Nepalis. Today Bikram Sambat Nepali date converter will convert dates from 1970 B.S-2100 B.S. and from 1913 A.D.-2043 A.D. in English. Nepali date converter works for nearly 6 years; various changes and updates are being made in this period to get results right.

English calendar doesn’t suit the dates and months of the Nepali calendar. Preserving the sound of actual dates is difficult. Nepalese people today have increased the use of the English calendar for festivals, occasions and national days, so there is a need for tools to accurately convert dates from B.S to A.D and A.D to B.S.

Also known as Nepali Panchang or Patro is Nepali calendar. Nepali calendar or Bikram Sambat calendar is a conservative lunisolar calendar used for birthdays, festivals, various occasions of different Nepalese ethnic and tribes, as well as for civic motives.